Leaving Certificate Applied

(2 Years)


What is the Leaving Certificate Applied?

The Leaving Certificate Applied is a two-year Leaving Certificate, available to students who wish to follow a practical or vocationally orientated programme.

What does Applied mean?

The word "applied" is used because the programme is designed to allow the students to apply the learning and experience they gain over the two years of the programme to practical educational tasks at school, in the workplace and in the wider community.

What is different about the Leaving Certificate Applied?

The Leaving Certificate Applied is different in a number of ways:

How are students awarded credits?

As students complete their Leaving Certificate Applied course work they collect credits. It is possible to collect a total of 200 credits. A maximum of 62 credits are awarded for completing the required courses, 70 credits for the seven student tasks completed over the two years, and 68 credits for the examinations at the end of year 2. The Leaving Certificate Applied is awarded at three levels.

120 - 139 credits
60% - 69%
140 - 169 credits
70% - 84%
170 - 200 credits
85% - 100%

Students who accumulate fewer than 60 credits will receive a record of Experience

What courses are offered in the Leaving Certificate Applied?

The programme is divided into three main areas:

(i) Vocational Preparation

Work experience is essential to this element of the programme. Students are prepared for adult and working life through a range of courses and modules including English and Communication, Guidance, Jobsearch, Work Experience, Enterprise, Community Work, Work and Living

(ii) Vocational Education

All students take courses in Mathem,atical Applicationas and an Introduction to Information and Communications Technology. They also choose two specialist courses from the following career related areas

(iii) General Education

Students experience a broader dimension to their education through courses in Arts Education, Gaeilge, Modern Languages.Sign Language, Leisure and recreation, Social Education. Students can also take other approved elective courses such as religious Education and Science

Each of the courses mentioned above are designed on a modular basis. A module is of thirty hours duration. Students must take a total of 44 modules over the two-year programme.