24th April 2020

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

We hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well. Our school website and Facebook page have lots of links to information and advice for support agencies, please keep an eye on them. Also please be aware that our Student Support Teams & Guidance Counsellors are checking in with our students on a regular basis via email to support students at this difficult time.

Despite the current lockdown, our school year is moving quickly towards its conclusion, for this reason, it is very important that all students fully engage with their school timetable and communicate with teachers. Homework and assignments are being assigned and need to be completed by all students.

I request your continued help and cooperation to help your children with their schoolwork and to supervise their activities by ensuring that they are attending classes remotely and spending additional time reinforcing learning, completing assignments and homework. All students have a school account & email address that they can access online. On our website, we have some videos showing you how to access these accounts. Please check that your son/daughter/ward is logging in every day.

There is a lot of information and some speculation in the media regarding school closures and state examinations. The Department of Education and the Management of Ó Fiaich College are committed to ensuring that the conclusion of this year will be as close to any other school year as possible. Therefore, all students must complete the required programme of school work to adequately prepare for transfer and progression to the next stage of education.

Your support as parents/guardians is vital to make this happen and to ensure all students get the best from this year’s educational programme. I am also attaching a letter from Ms. Mc Ginn which includes her mobile phone contact details for anyone who needs some extra support or advice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Keep Safe.

Padraig McGovern

Audrey Flood
Deputy Principal

Padraig McGovern - Principal

Padraig McGovern - Principal

Ó Fiaich College

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